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Water Filtration and Separation Membranes


Efficient and Economical Water Treatment Membrane Products

With water shortages on the rise, Syensqo has developed sustainable technologies for efficient and economical water treatment membranes. These high-quality products support compliance with today’s most rigorous environmental standards and industry regulations to deliver viable water treatment solutions. Our broad portfolio of specialty polymers for water filtration and separation membranes includes brands such as Udel® PSU, Veradel® PESU and Solef® PVDF. 


  • Udel® PSU - This specialty sulfone remains the industry standard for making the support layers used in reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) thin-film composite membranes. Optimal for high-pressure filtration systems, Udel® PSU offers excellent mechanical properties, caustic resistance, hydrolytic stability, chlorine resistance and cost-effective processing by solution casting. 
  • Veradel® PESU - Veradel® PESU is a high-performance sulfone polymer strategically designed for low-pressure water filtration and industrial filtration systems that require high heat resistance. This high-strength polymer can be used to make hollow fiber, tubular and flat sheet microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes. Powder grades are also available for ease of dissolution in conventional processing solvents. 
  • Solef® PVDF - Due to their toughness, chemical resistance and oxidative stability, these resilient fluoropolymers are used to make durable membranes. Solef® PVDF offers high purity, excellent mechanical and chemical properties, good resistance to aging and ease of processing for various filtration and separation membranes. This quality homopolymer enables membranes to withstand a wide variety of feed streams and cleaning methods, making it the material of choice for low-pressure water filtration, wastewater treatment and RO/NF pre-treatment applications.