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ACORGA® copper extractants have a proven track record in the industry and are used by the largest copper producing mines in the world. Syensqo's broad product line includes the M range of modified aldoxime extractants, the OPT range of modified aldoxime:ketoxime extractants, the NR range of nitration resistant extractants, and the OR range of oxidation resistant extractants. We can advise on the optimal reagent formulation to meet the specific conditions and challenges for a given operation.

ACORGA® OPT solvent extraction reagents are proprietary formulations specifically designed to increase Cu transfer as compared to unmodified aldoxime: ketoxime systems.

  • Improved Cu transfer

  • Increase in Cu:Fe selectivity

The ACORGA® NR series of copper solvent extractants has been designed to optimize metallurgical performance (relative to ketoxime- based extractants) while providing protection against nitration. The NR series will reduce extractant consumption and improve operational reliability when nitrating conditions exist.

ACORGA® OR series of copper solvent extractants is designed to protect against oxidative degradation.  It will reduce extractant consumption and improve operational reliability (relative to conventional extractants) when oxidizing conditions are present.

ACORGA® CB 1000 is an SX-compatible processing aid that improves the efficiency of clay treatment processes. This  enabling technology ensures high-quality organic is returned to the solvent extraction circuit. Benefits of ACORGA® CB 1000 include:

  • Efficient solids removal

  • High organic quality

  • Faster processing time

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