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Discover Reactsurf®: A Family of Next-Generation Emulsifiers

Reactsurf® next-generation reactive surfactants address the limitations of traditional alternative technologies by improving emulsion reactivity and eliminating the risk of surfactant leaching in modern exterior coatings and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs). Reactsurf® is available in two specialized grades: Reactsurf® 2490 for architectural coatings and PSAs, and Reactsurf® 0092 for waterborne epoxy resin paints and industrial coatings. 


Architectural Coatings

Today’s architectural coatings require robust surfactants to impart essential functional properties and help formulators achieve optimal performance and aesthetics. However, conventional surfactants are prone to leaching—separating and migrating to the surface—which negatively impacts aesthetics and durability, leading to water streak marks, poor Dirt Pick-Up Resistance (DPUR) and poor anti-block in elastomeric coatings.

Reactsurf® 2490 is specifically formulated to improve exterior coating resilience and long-term aesthetics in waterborne architectural paint formulas. This innovative polymerizable surfactant technology binds to the emulsion polymer backbone, which enables exceptional monomer emulsion stability and enhanced film hardness for better anti-blocking per ASTM D 4946-89. Additionally, Reactsurf® 2490 delivers excellent watermark resistance for exterior coatings, as well as superior dirt pick-up resistance (DPUR) after three months of outdoor exposure. 


Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

PSA formulations—often used for labels and tapes in automotive, food production and packaging, medical supplies, and more—are especially susceptible to surfactant leaching, as they are often exposed to high temperatures and harsh conditions during processing. These demanding environments can lead to water whitening and aesthetic degradation. In addition, formulators are challenged to meet ambitious sustainability targets.

Reactsurf® 2490 is an Alkylphenol Ethoxylate-free (APE-free) surfactant designed as a primary emulsifier to offer superior reactivity and excellent water-whitening resistance in acrylic formulations and PSAs, even at elevated temperatures (90°C). A sustainably developed surfactant technology, Reactsurf® 2490 also demonstrates the optimal balance between peel and shear strength in latex applications. Its unique combination of properties creates the potential for defoamer and wetting agent reduction in PSA formulations, which helps to improve process efficiency and sustainability. 

Industrial Coatings

Waterborne epoxy resin paints and coatings are critical for a wide range of industrial applications, including storage tanks, shipping containers, bridges, railcars, metal buildings, commercial architecture, water towers, pipes, and more. As the coatings market continues to prioritize eco-friendly solutions free from odors and hazardous ingredients, formulators are challenged to meet familiar performance standards with solutions that comply with rigid regulations and uphold cost efficiency. 
Reactsurf® 0092 is a cross-linkable surfactant designed to enhance reactivity in emulsification and outperform conventional solvent-based coatings with a much lower level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Strategically formulated with good particle size control for easy implementation, optimal paint stability, and high reactivity, Reactsurf® 0092 requires no supplemental chemical modification. Additionally, Reactsurf® 0092 offers outstanding corrosion resistance, excellent freeze-thaw stability, storage ability, and a good sustainability profile.