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Sustainable Solutions

Bringing More Sustainable Solutions to Industrial Coatings

The industrial coatings market is increasingly prioritizing stricter environmental regulations with coatings that are free from odors and potentially hazardous raw materials. Formulators face complex challenges as they work to achieve improved sustainability profiles that comply with evolving regulations and maintain high performance and cost-efficiency. 

Syensqo provides a solution to the challenging demands of industrial coatings: Reactsurf® 0092, a polymerizable surfactant, that enhances reactivity in emulsification and exceeds the performance of solvent-based (SB) coatings with a lower level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Reactsurf® 0092 offers a wide array of benefits that Syensqo recognized as an industry gap:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy incorporation with a simple emulsification process
  • Excellent stability combined with exceptional water whitening properties
  • Good particle size control
  • Excellent freeze-thaw and storage ability

In this webinar, our experts will present how industrial applications can last longer and meet sustainability standards as a result of using high-performance waterborne epoxy resin paints and coatings developed with Reactsurf® 0092.


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