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Architectural Coatings & PSAs

Reactsurf® for Architectural Coatings and PSAs

Exterior coatings and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) are subject to an ever-present threat: surfactant leaching. When surfactant leaching occurs, coatings and adhesives performance is compromised, as are aesthetics. Syensqo’s Reactsurf® 2490 is a REACH-certified, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate-free (APE-free) polymerizable surfactant. Reactsurf® 2490 is strategically formulated to address surfactant leaching by improving reactivity and emulsion stability, in turn offering a solution that mitigates dirt pick-up and water whitening for higher-performing coatings and PSAs..

Reactsurf® 2490 Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Easy to Handle and Incorporate
  • Low CMC and Dynamic Surface Tension
  • Superior Reactivity Compared to Industry Standard
  • Excellent Pre-Emulsion Stability

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Surfactant Leaching
  • Exceptional Water Whitening Resistance in PSA
  • Low Foaming
  • Outstanding Watermark Resistance
  • Improved Tensile Strength and Dirt Pick-Up Resistance in Exterior Coating
  • Enhanced Paint Film Hardness and Blocking Resistance

A Sustainable Surfactant for Architectural Coatings

As architectural coatings are exposed to demanding environmental conditions, they require versatile, multi-functional ingredients to meet evolving performance requirements. Benchmark surfactants have been shown to deliver poor dirt pick-up resistance, as well as poor anti-lock performance and water streaking in coatings, due to surfactant leaching, which hinders exterior coatings aesthetics.  

Reactsurf® 2490 is a polymerizable surfactant designed with a unique combination of properties to help formulators improve coating performance. Reactsurf® 2490 offers reduced surfactant leaching and low foaming, outstanding watermark resistance, excellent tensile strength, and dirt pick-up resistance, as well as enhanced film hardness and improved blocking resistance. Additionally, Reactsurf® 2490 is user-friendly, easy to handle and incorporate, and offers superior reactivity compared to conventional surfactants. 


An APE-Free Surfactant for High-Performing PSAs 

Surfactant leaching is also a persistent challenge for adhesive formulators. When surfactants leach out of a PSA formulation and migrate to the surface, the PSA becomes prone to water whitening and water blistering, which causes aesthetics and performance to decline.

Reactsurf® 2490, an APE-free polymerizable surfactant, is designed as a primary emulsifier for acrylics, vinyl acrylics, and styrene-acrylic latex systems. This innovative surfactant technology addresses the limitations of traditional anionic surfactants and other alternatives, delivering exceptional aesthetics for PSAs, even at high temperatures. By improving emulsion performance with good particle size control and due to its ease of incorporation, Reactsurf® 2490 is a choice surfactant to improve water-whitening resistance and shear strength in PSA applications.