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Reduced Surfactant Leaching

Exterior coatings such as paint and Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs) are often prone to surfactant leaching, especially when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This leaching commonly leads to dirt pick-up and watermarks, and in PSAs, leaching can result in water whitening. Surfactant leaching in paint and PSAs is a leading deterrent to both the aesthetics and performance of today’s formulations. 

Reactsurf® reactive surfactants help eliminate paint surfactant leaching by providing exceptional water resistance, water-whitening resistance, and dirt pick-up resistance for improved durability and more aesthetically pleasing coatings and adhesives.


Excellent Emulsification and Mechanical Stability

Many waterborne industrial binders, coatings, and paints require the use of secondary emulsifiers to ensure optimal mechanical stability and emulsification. Reactsurf®, however, offers enhanced reactivity in emulsification, often functioning as a sole emulsifier, exceeding the performance of solvent-based coatings with a lower level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). By binding to the emulsion polymer backbone, Reactsurf® enables superior monomer emulsion stability and improved film hardness for better anti-blocking.

Good Particle Size Control

Emulsion particle size control is essential for the effective formulation of high-performance coatings, as it greatly impacts dissolution, emulsion polymerization, and mechanical stability. Reactsurf® provides good particle size control, which enables efficient dissolution and easy implementation. Additionally, these reactive surfactants exhibit low grit and foaming for better pre-emulsion and paint stability and excellent emulsion consistency. 

Ease of Handling and Incorporation

The formulation of coatings, paints, and adhesives requires highly reactive emulsifiers that can be easily implemented into the process without the need for adjustments or multiple reactions. Reactsurf® reactive emulsifiers exhibit outstanding freeze-thaw properties for improved storage, extending the workable life of coatings and PSAs, with no additional chemical modification required. With an ideal combination of functional properties, Reactsurf® can be used directly in the emulsification process. This ease of incorporation facilitates the fast and simple design of new latexes, coating and paint binders, adhesives and sealants, waterborne epoxy resin paints, and more.