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Frames and Brackets

High Strength Materials for Thin-Walled Components

Replacing Metal in Structural Electronic Components


Our high-performance Specialty Polymers are ideally suited for replacing metal in structural components used in smart devices as they deliver high stiffness, impact strength and look good with a high-quality surface finish.



Cover Glass Frame: Thin but Hard-hitting

The main function of the cover glass frame is to prevent the cover glass from breaking by absorbing the impact energy. 



Kalix® HPPA: The Smart Choice for Structural Components

Its high stiffness, impact strength and excellent dimensional stability are united with a high gloss surface appearance. These attributes combined with a high flow-rate, fast cycle times, and low tendency to flash make Kalix® HPPA resins a cost-effective choice for injection molding high volumes of thin-walled structural components for smart phones 


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