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Immersion Cooling for High Performance Computing

Heat Transfer Fluids with Broader Boiling Points Range


The Broadest Range of Boiling Points

Our fluorinated heat transfer fluids can be used for high-performance immersion cooling with the advantage of broader boiling points, lower evaporation loss than any other alternatives.

Big data, cloud and 5G megatrends with Specialty Polymers


Conventional air-cooling methods will require more and more electricity creating higher costs. Immersion cooling is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to balance thermal dissipation efficiency and total running costs of hyperscale datacentre servers.

Galden® PFPE, one of our specialty heat transfer fluids, can cool high power density IT equipment enabling faster, more reliable computing and removing the high energy requirement, the larger airflow space, and noise associated with electric fans.








Specialty Polymers Fluid

Galden® PFPE is an inert, dielectric, high performance heat transfer fluid with boiling points ranging from 55 to 320°C (from 131 to 608°F). This range is broader thatn other fluorinated heat transfer fluids enables Galden® PFPE to be used at end-use temperatures of up to 290°C (554°F). 

  • No formation or decomposition residue 

  • No circulation pump seizure due to fluid degeneration or corrosion

  • Good temperature control

  • Wide choice of grades to optimize performance

  • High boiling grades reduce evaporation losses without affecting performance

  • Safe to use at high temperatures

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