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Hard Disk Drive Lubrication

Unmatched Safety and Performance


Specialty Polymers Lubricants

Specialty Polymers high-performance fluorinated lubricants have an unmatched combination of properties that deliver superior safety and reliability for high-caliber long-lasting lubrication.

The evolution of lubricants will be a deciding factor for the Hard Disk Drive industry in the roadmap for achieving higher storage densities.



Top Performing Lubricants

Perfluoropolyethers (PFPE) have been the lubricants of choice for over 30 years and today and they are still the only lubricants suited for use in Hard Disk Drives. Fomblin® PFPE excels in wear recovery, good wettability and film uniformity to ensure long lasting lubrication without head contamination. The Key Features of Fomblin® PFPE fluorinated lubricants are:

  • Flexible chain

  • Chemical and thermal stability

  • Low vapor pressure

  • Low surface tension


Fomblin® PFPE: Unmatched Combination of Properties


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