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Heat Transfer Fluids for Semiconductor Processes

Safe, Wide Temperature Range Heat Transfer

Boiling Points from 55°C to 270°C 


Specialty Polymers can be used as a heat exchange medium with excellent dielectric properties and chemical stability that can operate at very low as well as elevated temperatures.

Controlled and constant temperature during these operations is vital to ensure the wafers remain flawless.

High-Performance Heat Transfer Fluid

Galden® PFPE is an inert, dielectric, high-performance heat transfer fluid with boiling points ranging from 55 (131°F) to 270°C (518°F). This range is broader than other fluorinated heat transfer fluids and enables end-use operation temperature up to 290°C (554°F).

  • Stability: High chemical, thermal and oxidative resistance 

  • Safety: Non-flammable (no flash point), no toxicity

  • Excellent compatibility: variety of plastics, metals and elastomers

  • Wide temperature range: 55 to 270°C (131 to 518°F)

  • Low vapor pressure

  • Good viscosity at low temperatures

  • Electrical properties: high dielectric strength, high resistivity

  • Low miscibility with water and solvent; easy to recover in case of leakage and no residue

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