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With its superior performance and wide range of available weights and product forms, SURFACE MASTER® surfacing films have become the industry standard for composite material surfacing and lightning strike protection 


SURFACE MASTER® films virtually eliminate surface imperfections such as pin holes and pits

No other surfacing materials enable to virtually eliminate surface imperfection. In addition to that, SURFACE MASTER® films can:

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency with optimized tack, improved mold release-ability, lower lay-up time and extended shop life (which also reduces scrap rates). 
  • Minimize the amount of surface preparation needed for priming 
  • Work with a variety of prepregs and processing cycles and is available in  ATL form (Automated Tape Lay-up).  
  • Reduce costs associated with filling and sanding composite surfaces by eliminating surface imperfections

And all that, resulting in reduced final part manufacturing cost.


Guaranteed superior handling properties for easier manufacturing 

Even the best surfacing films yield surface imperfections that require follow-on activities to obtain a paint-ready surface. The filling and sanding required to prepare these materials adds labor costs and processing time to part manufacture. In addition, properties such as tack and shop life may not be optimal for efficient manufacturing, which results in added labor and material costs.

Surface Master® surfacing films offer outstanding handling properties to make manufacturing processes easier.  It also provide optimal tack and drape characteristics to meet the needs for part manufacturing.  To further improve manufacturing rates, Surface Master® surfacing films can be offered in ATL product form.

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