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Usages for Syensqo’s Solutions in Power Electronics

As electric vehicle engineers and manufacturers create safe and efficient components, the industry needs superior material solutions. Syensqo’s offer for enhanced power electronics applications in e-motors includes dynamic and efficient specialty polymers that withstand prolonged service in aggressive environments.


HV Connectors & Busbars

As e-motors become more compact, connectors and busbars not only need to be miniaturized, but they have to be mechanically robust at elevated operating temperatures. Syensqo offers high-temperature polyamides that retain their mechanical properties to enhance connectors and busbars best.


Capacitors and Power Modules ( IGBT / MOSFET / SiC)

Capacitors and Power Modules face unique challenges when it comes to voltage, temperature and power increases. To reduce flammability, capacitors and power modules benefit from having Syensqo specialty polymers as primary materials due to their superior electrical performance, elevated temperature resistance and property retention. 


Cooling Circuit Components

Power electronics and e-motors require cooling systems that retain dimensional stability in complicated operating environments. With the ability to replace die-cast aluminum cooling systems, Syensqo’s polymer families are ideal in environments where heat, humidity and chemical resistance are major challenges.


Cooling Connectors and Plugs

Cooling connectors and plugs require materials with high dimensional stability, excellent heat and chemical resistance and good impact resistance. 


Inverter Housings and Top Covers

Materials solutions for inverter housings and top covers must exhibit extremely high flame resistance, stiffness, heat resistance and EMI shielding.