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Solutions for the E-Mobility Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Syensqo’s comprehensive portfolio of materials for e-mobility is designed for the future of electric vehicles. Our solutions are formulated for increasingly challenging automotive conditions where components must exhibit reliable electrical and mechanical performance in the face of harsh chemicals and withstand exposure to extreme, high-temperature environments.


  • Ryton® PPS - Designed for metal replacement in essential e-mobility parts, Ryton® PPS provides excellent resistance to high temperatures, corrosive automotive fluids and mechanical stress. In addition to impressive resistance properties, Ryton® PPS enables part integration with insert molding capabilities and enhances design flexibility with the ability to precisely mold complex parts to tight tolerances.
  • Amodel® PPA - This family of high-temperature polyamides is designed to maintain long-term performance in some of the most challenging environments. Specifically, Amodel® PPA retains high mechanical properties up to 230°C, exhibits excellent chemical resistance and is available in specialized grades if OEMs require performance attributes like glycol resistance or electrical compatibility. To continue Amodel® PPA’s tradition of exceptional performance in automotive metal replacement, the new Amodel® Supreme family of products features the industry’s highest Tg of 165°C and offers improved electrical performance for e-mobility components. Syensqo also offers the innovative Amodel® Bios line of partially bio-sourced PPA to continue our focus on sustainability.  
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK is formulated to meet next-generation requirements for thermal, friction and wear resistance in extreme e-mobility applications. This strong and lightweight metal alternative features numerous benefits, such as excellent resistance to automotive fluids, noise and vibration dampening and corrosion resistance. 
  • Xydar® LCP - Xydar® LCP has a long history of excellent performance at high operating temperatures in automotive components. This liquid crystal polymer delivers optimal electric and thermal properties to support OEMs through e-mobility trends like increased electrification and miniaturization, as well as improving overall performance and efficiency.
  • Torlon® PAI - As the highest performing thermoplastic on the market, Torlon® PAI combines unique physical properties to replace metal in lightweight, e-mobility components. This exceptional amorphous polymer is used in a wide variety of applications exposed to high levels of heat, pressure and friction. 
  • AjediumTM PEEK Films - With excellent environmental and wear resistance, low flammability and a very high melting temperature at 343°C, AjediumTM PEEK films enhance components in challenging e-mobility applications like slot liners and wedges. Additionally, high-performing AjediumTM films are widely used as self-lubricating bearing surfaces with low maintenance and abrasion resistance benefits.
  • CYANEX® - CYANEX® extractants are particularly well-suited to promote the recovery of various metals from used lithium-ion batteries. These phosphinic acid-based extractants utilize either chelation or solvation mechanisms to promote sustainability and circular economies in the automotive industry. 
  • Solef® PVDF - Solef® PVDF is an ideal solution for binders and separators in challenging lithium battery applications. When used as a binder in the formulation of electrodes and in the design of separators, Solef® PVDF improves the long-term reliability, chemical and electrochemical resistance, thermal performance and sustainability of lithium batteries.