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Fuel Systems


Improving Fuel System Components

As the automotive market evolves, manufacturers require advanced fuel systems in ICE systems. Syensqo’s materials for fuel systems enhance the resistance and performance properties of key components within the application. Our materials benefit fuel quick connectors and retainers, inlet check valves, fuel tank isolation valves for pressurized hybrid tank systems, pillars for pressurized hybrid tank systems, fuel rails, diesel fuel filter housing, diesel fuel filter housing, and water separators, fuel pump impellers ad end caps, suction blow-molded fuel filler pipes, fuel lines, jumpers and hoses, gas direct injection seals and carbon canister diaphragm.


Fuel Quick Connectors and Retainers 

Quick connectors and retainers in fuel systems need to demonstrate great resistance properties because of constant exposure to road salts and different types of fuel. Syensqo’s Amodel® grades provide enhanced resistance to road salts and several different types of fuel. Additionally, Syensqo’s materials demonstrate low swell and low fuel permeation when exposed to different fuel types. 


Inlet Check Valves

With prolonged exposure to chemical environments, inlet check valves require advanced chemical resistance. Syensqo’s Amodel® grades are ideal for use in inlet check valves in comparison to traditional materials because of their low fuel permeation, chemical resistance and ability to overmold to HDPE, which can then be welded to fuel tanks. 


Fuel Tank Isolation Valves for Pressurized Hybrid Tank Systems

As a vital component to help regulate vapor pressure in hybrid vehicle tanks, fuel tank isolation needs to be supported by outstanding products. Amodel® grades provide hybrid tank systems with greater fuel barrier properties, dimensional stability and mechanical strength under internal pressure for optimal fuel tank isolation. 


Pillars for Pressurized Hybrid Tank Systems 

Pillars support pressurized hybrid tanks in maintaining their shape. Our Amodel® grades provide fuel and impact resistance to these pillars. Additionally, it enables pillars to overmold and weld with tanks. 


Fuel Rails

Fuel systems require demanding properties and benefits from fuel rails. That is why manufacturers trust Amodel® grades to equip fuel rails with great knit line strength, creep and impact resistance, thermal shock and durability ranging from -40°C to 150°C.


Diesel Fuel Filter Housing and Water Separators

Amodel® grades provide diesel fuel filter housing and water separators with a wide range of benefits. Syensqo is an ideal partner for manufacturers wanting their fuel filter housing and water seperators to demonstrate dimensional stability, ease of processing, ability to weld, compatibility with all diesel and biodiesel fuels, less swell in fuel with aggressive water, lightweighting and more. 


Fuel Pump Impellers and End Caps

Syensqo’s Ryton® R-7-120 helps fuel pump impellers and end caps exhibit great fuel resistance, excellent dimensional stability and efficiency in filling thin sections during molding. 


Suction Blow-Molded Fuel Filler Pipes 

Manufacturers have many concerns to address when producing suction blow-molded fuel filler pipes. They can meet the demands for fuel and fuel permeation resistance, cold impact and lightweighting by using Syensqo’s Ixef® during processing. 


Fuel Lines, Jumpers and Hoses 

Syensqo’s Tecnoflon® FKM technology is an ideal solution to address the major concerns when it comes to producing fuel lines, jumpers and hoses for fuel systems. With fuel permeation resistance, excellent flexibility adhesion to fluoropolymers and elastomers and great extrudability, Tecnoflon® FKM is a great fit for fuel lines, jumpers and hoses. 


Gas Direct Injection Seals 

With Tecnoflon® FKM grades, manufacturers are empowered to produce gas direct injection seals with sealability at high pressures, low-temperature flexibility and resistance to pressure and fuel. 


Carbon Canister Diaphragm

Because of emission regulations, carbon canister diaphragms are vital since they prevent vapor leakage from the tank when vehicles are off. Tecnoflon® FKM grades provide excellent fuel and wear resistance while not compromising dynamic and low-temperature flexibility.