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Waterproof coating background with water drops

Water Resistance

Enhancing Coatings’ Water-Resistant Properties

Water resistance is a key requirement in many architectural and industrial coating applications. Water-resistant coatings prevent water and water vapor from penetrating surfaces, thereby preserving the physical and appearance properties of the substrates to which they are applied. Syensqo's specialty polymers and additives help coatings respond to the most challenging environmental conditions, delivering superior water resistance while maintaining other essential properties. 


Syensqo's Brands for Water Resistance in Coatings

When it comes to delivering hydrophobic properties for coatings, our unique brands enable superior water repellency. Our portfolio tailored to water resistance applications includes specialty polymers such as Hylar® PVDF, and Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers as well as specialty monomers like Sipomer®.

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