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Explore Durable Materials for Manifolds

Syensqo's tailored portfolio of polymers for heating systems equips OEMs with the solutions they need to optimize manifolds depending on the temperature, presence of chlorine or oxygen, and the life cycle expectancy required for each application. Additionally, our solutions promote improved design flexibility and excellent corrosion resistance for innovative and efficient heating systems. We also offer transparent grades that are suitable for flow windows and other specific requirements.

  • Radel® PPSU - This tough thermoplastic combines excellent chemical resistance, impressive hydrolytic stability, and advanced creep-rupture resistance for outstanding reliability and longevity in heating system components. Radel® PPSU enables sustainable metal replacement in manifolds exposed to high-temperature and high-humidity conditions.
  • Udel® PSU - With excellent strength retention and heat resistance, Udel® PSU is a leading solution for heating components exposed to environments with hot chlorinated water. This high-performing thermoplastic ensures good creep resistance, low water uptake, and dimensional stability in diverse thermal and chemical conditions in heating applications like manifolds.
  • Ryton® PPS - Ryton® PPS delivers long-lasting performance in heating applications, such as manifolds, due to its excellent thermal stability, high chemical resistance, and outstanding dimensional stability. Additionally, this versatile thermoplastic promotes design flexibility by enabling complex parts to fit in extremely tight tolerances, while also providing impressive thermal, chemical, and mechanical performance in harsh heating environments.
  • Solef® PVDF - As an ultra-sustainable polymer solution, Solef® PVDF delivers inherent stability in harsh environments due to its outstanding chemical resistance and its low values of leachables and extractables. This fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer exhibits the durability, toughness, and long-term hydrostatic strength that manifolds require.