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High-Performing Polymers for Durable Manifolds

OEMs for heating and cooling systems rely on high-quality and reliable material solutions to produce the next generation of efficient heating systems. As polymeric manifolds become increasingly accepted in residential and commercial heating systems, high-performance polymers are essential for optimizing these versatile components and enabling cost-effective metal replacement.

With decades of experience as a material supplier in the plumbing and heating markets, Syensqo offers a diverse range of materials for manifolds that allow OEMs to replace metal and promote design flexibility, excellent chemical resistance, and cost-efficiency.


Discover Advanced Polymers for Heating Manifolds 

With outstanding resistance properties, global approvals for drinking water contact, and exceptional thermal stability, Syensqo's specialty polymers enable highly efficient metal replacement in key heating applications like manifold bodies, connectors, stop valves, or transparent flow windows. Our versatile portfolio of solutions for heating applications, including Radel® PPSU, Udel® PSU, Ryton® PPS, and Solef® PVDF, deliver superior performance in challenging environments.