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A Unique Selection of Polymers for Pipe Fittings

Syensqo offers a unique selection of polymers for plastic pipe fittings applications, strategically designed to reduce part failure caused by creep, rupture, corrosion, and fatigue. With decades of expertise as material developers for the plumbing and sanitary markets, our solutions have been examined under expected end-use conditions and are internationally certified and approved for drinking water contact. Our industry-leading portfolio of fluorinated polymers and sulfone polymers for fittings exhibits better-than-metal properties including exceptional corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, processing, and design freedom, a lower environmental footprint, and more.

  • Solef® PVDF - A leading fluorinated polymer, Solef® PVDF delivers outstanding chemical and fatigue resistance, making it the reliable choice for pipe fittings in aggressive environments with high levels of chlorine. This high-performance fluoropolymer exhibits long-term hydrostatic strength (LTHS) that withstands extremely high pressure and high-temperature exposure often found in multilayer piping systems. Solef® PVDF combines a unique set of properties required for the design of sliding sleeve fittings and other fittings applications, including excellent chemical resistance, UV light and fatigue resistance, good barrier properties, scratch resistance and ease of processing. 
  • Radel® PPSU - Radel® PPSU delivers the highest performance among sulfone polymers in its class, as it ensures long cycle life due to its high heat resistance, hydrolytic stability, strength and toughness. This amorphous thermoplastic is suitable for hot water fittings in multilayer piping systems that are often exposed to high pressure and high temperatures. Additionally, Radel® PPSU offers high fatigue resistance, exceptional chemical resistance and very high impact strength, making it particularly well-suited to replace metal in a variety of polymeric fittings applications.