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High-Performance Polymers for Fittings in Modern Pipe Systems

For decades, pipe networks and fittings have been manufactured with metal components despite well-known limitations. But the rise in popularity of chlorine-based treatments, along with elevated temperatures, has led to more oxidizing environments that shorten the service life and compromise the safety of metal-based systems. Accordingly, the plumbing industry is shifting its focus toward a significant percentage of polymeric solutions to replace and outperform conventional metal for longer-lasting, durable and safe fittings.

Syensqo's high-performance polymers for fittings are designed for reliability, longevity, and safety in a wide range of PP-R, CPVC, and PEX systems. As a global leader in the development of polymers for plumbing applications, our broad portfolio of solutions for polymeric pipe fittings provides OEMs with cost-competitive, high-performance solutions that comply with international drinking water certifications and deliver safe, potable water while limiting water losses due to leakage that plague traditional metal-based pipe systems.


Leading Polymer Solutions for Pipe Fittings

Syensqo's polymers for pipe fittings are designed to maintain their performance and integrity in the harshest environments, each with a specific combination of properties for exceptional heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical inertness, strength and toughness. Our portfolio of specialty polymers for high-performance polymeric fittings systems is strategically formulated to comply with the most stringent global regulations, such as NSF-61 certification, WRAS certification and more. Syensqo's key polymer solutions for pipe fittings include Solef® PVDF and Radel® PPSU.

Versatile Specialty Polymers for Plastic Fittings 

Our expert engineers have formulated high-quality polymers that not only outperform traditional metal but also ensure water purity by eliminating contamination. With the industry’s broadest selection of versatile specialty polymers for plastic fittings, choosing the right material solution for a given application is crucial. Our best-in-class fluorinated polymers and sulfone polymers support the development of crimp and press fittings, sliding sleeves, push-fit connections, and threaded fittings.

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