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Metal-Replacement Polymers for Fittings 

Our diverse selection of metal-replacement polymers for fittings serves a range of functions and usages in modern pipe systems. With various advantageous combinations of properties, our high-quality thermoplastics and fluorinated polymers support numerous application needs for crimp and press fittings, sliding sleeves, push-fit connections, and threaded fittings. 


Crimp and Press Fittings

In crimp and press fittings, a crimper attached to the fitting body is pressed onto the inner tubing with a special gripper to create tight compression of the pipe onto the fitting body. A sealant or O-ring can be used to improve connection tightness. Syensqo's Radel® PPSU, or Solef® PVDF are optimal materials for this application, as they provide good creep resistance to ensure lifetime tightness and cost-reduction opportunities. 


Sliding Sleeve Fittings

In sliding sleeve-fitting applications, a plastic or metal sleeve is forced to slide onto the outer surface of the pipe extremity. Once in place, the sleeve presses the pipe onto the fitting to create a tight, reliable connection. Syensqo's Solef® PVDF is a choice material for the sleeve component, and our sulfone polymers are well-suited for the fitting body. These high-performance polymers ensure resilient tightness, fast relaxation after installation, and excellent anti-wear performance. 


Push-Fit Connections

In push-fit connections, the pipe extremity is pushed onto the fitting body and immediately compressed onto the fitting with a cap and grip ring. Generally, one or several O-rings ensure connection tightness in this application. Syensqo's specialty thermoplastic, Radel® PPSU, is an ideal solution for cap and grip ring components in push-fit connection applications. This can also be used as key materials for the fitting body, along with Solef® PVDF. Our polymers for push-fit connections are drinking-water approved and have been used commercially as metal alternatives for several years. 

Threaded Fittings

Threaded fittings applications are one of the older methods to join piping systems, and are conventionally manufactured with cast gray or malleable iron, cast brass or bronze.  Ryton® PPS and Radel® PPSU serve as optimal metal-replacement polymers for metal insert overmolding components. Radel® PPSU is the material of choice for male threads in more modern threaded fittings.