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Enhanced Solutions for Home & Hygiene Product Formulation

Our innovative portfolio revolutionizes the products consumers use daily, including laundry detergents, surface care formulas, dish detergents and air care and fragrance solutions. We combine sustainability with high performance to create the best quality of ingredients for OEMs looking to improve consumer lives.

Air Care and Fragrances

As consumers continue the search for well-being indoors, air care and fragrance formulators must deliver safe and durable scent solutions. Today’s fragrances, diffusers, sprays, candles and plug-ins must be made from eco-friendly materials without compromising efficacy and longevity. Syensqo's solutions for air care and fragrances are high-quality, high-purity and sustainable ingredients that allow for cleaner, more breathable air. Discover more. 

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Shine Ingredients for Sparkling Dishes_ Optimize Your Dish Care Formulations

Dish Care

Today’s consumers seek dishwashing solutions that deliver anti-spotting and high-shine benefits and remove tough food residues in the first use. Additionally, with increasingly stringent regulations, formulators must offer dish cleaning solutions completely free of harsh chemicals to ensure safety in critical food contact applications. Syensqo's broad portfolio of sustainably-sourced polymers and surfactants for automatic dishwashing formulas deliver extra shine and ensure noticeably clean dishes. Discover more

Fabric Care

As one of the fastest-growing and most innovative segments of the home and hygiene market, fabric care solutions must continually push conventional boundaries to deliver more effective and sustainable laundry detergents. Today’s consumer expectations require high-performance fabric care products that are designed with new and innovative solutions, naturally derived ingredients and odor-fighting capabilities for superior freshness and cleanliness. Syensqo's laundry detergent materials enable protection, brightness, bleaching and softness along with other desired outcomes in fabric care. Discover more. 

Solvay's Repel-O-Tex® Range for Fabric Care
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Surface Care

Consumers continue to demand effortless cleaning formulations for kitchens, bathrooms, and other essential in-home surfaces. With increasingly high expectations, formulators are challenged to develop versatile products that are easy to use in different environments around the home and also save time and energy. Syensqo offers an extensive portfolio of versatile and effective ingredients designed to enhance the performance and texture of today’s most advanced surface care formulations. Discover more.