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Formulators continue to require multifunctional, responsibly sourced home care specialty chemicals to develop sustainable, high-performance cleaning products. Moreover, the formulations need to be simple and easy to read on product labels. These ingredients must be versatile and able to perform a variety of functions, from shine and easy cleaning to rheology modification, soil release and foam boosting. Our comprehensive portfolio of polymers and surfactants deliver outstanding flexibility and design freedom to facilitate today’s most advanced effortless cleaning formulations with a reduced carbon footprint. 

Most people don’t enjoy cleaning, nor scrubbing forever to see that dirt gone. Solutions to allow a fast and easy clean are highly required for surface cleaning and dishwashing. And what could give a better impression of cleanliness than a shiny surface or a spot-free glass? Syensqo has the solutions to differentiate your surface cleaners and dishwasher detergents from the others. With Mirapol® Surf polymers, consumers will experience easier cleaning, faster drying anda longer lasting clean effect while having a visible extra shine. 


Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power NP is a shine polymer for dishes that serves as an excellent replacement for the nonionic surfactant 3-in-1 product in automatic dishwashing solutions. This blend of acrylic-based polymer and sodium carbonate functions as a soil release agent, protective agent and water sheeting agent to deliver enhanced shine, anti-filming in phosphate-free automatic dishwashing tablets and powders.


Mirapol® Surf S 480 PF is a hydrophilizing polymer for automatic dishwashing used in phosphate-free liquid and gel formulations. This liquid polymer is specially designed to provide formulators with anti-spotting, anti-streaking and anti-filming benefits for high-performance, liquid and gel dishwasher solutions and rinse aids.  


Mirapol® Surf-S 900 is a powerful protective agent for effortless cleaning formulations. This high-performance polymer for hard surface cleaning is ideal for toilet and bathroom cleaners, as it protects against soil deposition and provides solutions with long-lasting, easy-clean properties with a preservative-free formula. Additionally Mirapol® Surf-S 900 is compatible with EU Ecolabel formulations.  


Mirapol® Surf S 600 is a high-performance surface cleaning polymer that provides advanced formulations with continuous cleaning action, long-lasting soil adhesion and easier subsequent cleaning due to its reduced soil-surface affinity. This surface care polymer serves as an outstanding cleaning, protective and water sheeting agent in an array of modern home care cleaners. Additionally, Mirapol® Surf S 600 is free from preservative and Ecolabel compliant and facilitates fast-drying, residue-free and anti-fog properties. 

Our daily life is full of greasy soils. Kitchen grease and make-up are only some of the examples of potential messes on the clothes you love if you don’t protect them properly. Unlike natural fibers like cotton, synthetic garments such as polyesters have a high affinity with greasy soils, which can permanently penetrate deep inside the fibers and become particularly difficult to remove. Syensqo's soil release performance polymers for laundry are here to prevent the mess from happening. They adsorb on your fibers from the first wash and form a protective shield against soil redeposition. They are also efficient at low temperatures and boost the performance of your detergent. Formulated into fabric softeners, our soil release polymers also help to manage moisture on specific garments, such as sportswear for active consumers.


Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 is a powerful detergency booster polymer that is compatible with all powder formulations and is well-suited for synthetic and mixed fabrics. This specialty polymer for powder detergents provides exceptional soil release properties and improved solution performance at a very low dosage to cost-effectively bring consumers enhanced protection against greasy soiling.


Repel-O-Tex® Crystal is a fabric protection polymer that absorbs on synthetic-based apparel and forms a protective layer against future re-soiling to make each subsequent wash easier. This soil release polymer is equipped with anti-graying technology for good whiteness maintenance in liquid laundry detergents with fewer chemicals and is compatible in cold washes as low as 20℃.  


Repel-O-Tex® SF2 is a high-active soil release polymer that offers the best-in-class performance on tough stains through improved protection against soil adhesion and redeposition. This anti-graying polymer provides laundry detergents with advanced whitening maintenance and protection against greasy soiling, including dirty motor oils. Additionally, Repel-O-Tex® SF2 is compatible with all powder formulations and improves the performance of cleaning solutions even at a very low dosage.  

Today’s consumers are eager for new cleaning experiences. Performance is not enough to attract always-more-picky consumers—the cleaning products need to have the right texture and they need to provide positive visible and olfactory cues. Rheology modifiers do not only have a key role in the formulation, as they provide the right flow or the right cling on the surface, they also participate entirely to the consumer experience, as they can suspend visible speckles or fragrance capsules and provide the product its perfect texture. Today’s rheology modifiers are expected to work in very challenging conditions, such as extremely acidic toilet cleaners, but also to be natural-based, as nature offers a broad pallet of rheology agents. Syensqo reunites both.  


Rheomer® 33 T is a hydrophobically-modified alkali-swellable emulsion or HASE polymer that enables formulators to develop a wide range of fabric care solutions. This easy-to-use, liquid rheology modifier provides high thickening efficiency in both sulfate-based and sulfate-free surfactant systems and serves as an excellent suspension agent for cleaning formulations with low-to-medium surfactant systems. 


Rheomer® FC NAT is a natural-based rheology modifier derived from guar gum that is specially designed as a viscosity enhancer for home care formulations. This efficient, nonionic bio-based polymer is compatible with polar solvents and cationics and facilitates transparent, naturally-derived formulations of multipurpose or hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners and laundry detergents. 


Rheozan® is a multifunctional, 100% natural rheology modifier that enables formulators to design easily soluble hard surface cleaners with better surface adhesion and a pseudo-plastic behavior. This readily biodegradable biopolymer is Ecolabel compatible, and functions as a natural suspension agent in formulas that contain acidic additives such as toilet bowl cleaners. 

A leitmotiv of the new generation of conscious home care consumers is to take what nature does and use it in detergents and cleaning products. Bringing nature home is a key challenge for the industry as manufacturers need to find natural-based ingredients that will not compromise the performance of the product, nor its cost. While natural-based laundry detergents and surface cleaners are booming on the market, there is a critical need to develop new types of surfactants that can be as high-performing as the petro-sourced ones, but improve the overall naturality content of the formulation. Syensqo proposes a range of alternatives to key petro-sourced surfactants that are fully natural-based.


Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB is a high-performance Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) developed from 100% renewable carbon with Ethylene oxide made from sugar cane and lauryl alcohol derived from palm oil. This versatile, natural SLES cleanser is preservative-free, well-suited for Ecocert formulations and is recommended for >90% USDA biobased products. Rhodapex® ESP 70 NAT MB provides formulators with an excellent response to consumer demand for sustainable cosmetic solutions, such as body washes, liquid hand soaps and detergents.    


Rhodasurf® 6 NAT MB is a 100% natural, bio-based surfactant for home care solutions derived from palm kernel and sugar cane in a clear liquid form. This nonionic surfactant reduces non-renewable resource consumption and greenhouse gas generation by 20% in home care cleaning formulations and is suitable for detergents and fabric softeners. Additionally, Rhodasurf® 6 NAT MBcan support >90% USDA Biobased Certification and meets ECOCERT restrictions. 

When looking into performance dishwashing liquids, foam is perceived by final consumers as the most important signal that a product is working. It gives the sensation of cleanliness. Moreover, foam needs to be rich and to start fast but rinse off easily. Foam needs to resist, even if you are washing the dirtiest dishes. Syensqo has developed a core competency in foam understanding and several solutions to tailor dishwashing detergents with the required foam profile, and especially solutions to improve dishwashing foam longevity. 


Mirataine® LHS is a bio-based surfactant for home care formulations that provides high foam and excellent stability. This viscosity boosting and foam enhancing sultaine serves as an ideal alternative to alkanolamides in naturally-based hard surface cleansers, laundry detergents and manual dishwashing cleaners. 

Syensqo also offers an extensive portfolio of classic surfactants for home care applications to enable the formulation of today’s most advanced cleaning chassis. We provide formulators with high-performance betaines, amine oxides, sulfates, sulfonates, ethoxylates and more that are integral to the development of a wide range of multifunctional detergent ingredients.