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Today’s consumers expect a positive cleaning experience from their cleaning formulations and are increasingly interested in the ingredients they contain. With consumers’ desire for transparency, sustainability and ease, formulators must rely on innovative materials to create solutions that appeal to a new generation of consumers. Syensqo offers an extensive portfolio of ingredients that advances the performance of effortless cleaning formulations and improves the lives of everyday consumers. Our team of scientists continues to push the boundaries of our existing technology to remain at the cutting edge of home care trends. Learn more about what’s trending in the home care industry and how Syensqo can innovate advanced ingredients to transform home care formulations.

A healthy home is more than just a clean look--it keeps families safe. The modern home care industry requires effective cleaning products that do not use harmful chemicals. Thanks to scientific progress from manufacturers, more and more cleaning products are being developed with ingredients that provide an extraordinary clean without the harsh chemicals. 

Increasing numbers of consumers are looking to invest in products and brands that lead the way towards safer consumption. Brands are being held to a higher standard from consumers and federal regulators, and all players in the industry are now dedicated to creating cleaning experiences that have a positive impact on the health of the consumer and the planet. Today’s consumers prioritize transparency, safety and simplicity in their home care cleaning products, and formulators are challenged to create solutions that meet these needs while also providing an excellent cleaning experience. 

Syensqo offers an expansive portfolio of ingredients that enables formulators to develop high-performing home care solutions with reduced exposure to controversial chemicals. Syensqo has developed a comprehensive range of preservative-free surface and dish care polymers that offer soil repellency and shine benefits. Mirapol® Surf-S 900 is the perfect example of a safe, easy cleaning polymer that is biocide-free and compatible with EU Ecolabel formulations.

As our market grows towards a more environmentally friendly future, today’s consumers search for sustainable home care cleaning formulations with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that maintain excellent performance. Formulators rely on innovative, nature-based ingredients to deliver safety and reliability to consumers. 

Sustainable cleaning routines go beyond naturally derived ingredients, however. Home care solutions that reduce overall water usage, prioritize renewable energy and limit the implementation of unnecessary plastic add value to sustainable cleaning routines. Syensqo works through responsible sourcing to improve our environmental impact in our range of sustainable home care ingredients. With our wide selection of natural-based surfactants and polymers that are suitable for use in unconventional, eco-friendly formats, today’s formulators can develop high-performing home care solutions that are gentle on the environment but tough on soils.

Although effective, naturally derived cleaning solutions can be challenging to formulate, Syensqo prioritizes the development of these sustainable ingredients to provide formulators with reliable solutions for advanced, bio-based home care cleaning agents. For sustainable fabric care solutions, Syensqo offers natural-based surfactants that are ideal for implementation in products with >90% USDA Biobased Certification. Our Rhodasurf® 6 NAT MB and Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB are sustainable, high RCI surfactants that combine excellent performance with eco-friendly sourcing. Additionally, Rheomer® FC NAT offers formulators a natural thickener for hard surface cleaners and fabric care solutions that is compatible with cationic surfactants and polar solvents. 

Consumer habits rapidly change as new technology makes our lives easier and facilitates the exchange of information. Today’s home care product purchases occur online more than ever before. Accordingly, formulators must develop solutions that stand out against the competition and are ultra-compacted to facilitate internet sales. Additionally, as the internet makes it easier for consumers to research and share information on the widespread impacts of chemical ingredients, home care formulators must carefully consider the ingredients and processes used in their home care solutions. 

Syensqo offers home care formulators an impressive portfolio of ingredients that are designed for cleaning solutions with simple, recognizable ingredients and available in innovative, compact formats. From refillable detergents and water-free formats to compact tablets and packets, Syensqo continues to lead the industry and meet the needs of today’s home care consumers with our innovative cleaning solutions.

Our team of scientists has developed innovative solutions that enhance formulators’ ability to create new products that meet the needs of digital consumers. Our Repel-O-Tex® Crystal is a multifunctional soil release polymer that is ideal for use in simple, liquid laundry detergents. This fabric protection polymer exhibits excellent performance, even in wash cycles with temperatures as low as 20°C, and enables formulators to create detergents with fewer chemicals that help curious consumers feel comfortable about the safety of their products. For dish care applications, Syensqo also offers Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power NP to enhance shine and boost the effect of nonionic surfactants in phosphate-free dishwashing tablets that can be compact enough for easy online purchasing. 

Additionally, Syensqo is meeting the needs of home care consumers with a desire for water-free cleaning solutions and dry formats that simplify online ordering. Our team continues to engineer solid surfactants that can easily be included in these formats and provide an easier cleaning experience in compact packages. Our Rhodapon® CAS-100N MB is an anionic surfactant and cleaning agent that comes in a powder form and is naturally derived and preservative-free.
Our Rhodapon® LS 92 RNB is a high active surfactant in needle form that is free-flowing and easily dispersed in water for a range of home care applications. Additionally, Syensqo's Rhodacal® LSS 92M/RP is designed for use in high foaming formulations and products where acidic stability is required. 
We also offer a range of nonionic surfactants in the form of alcohol ethoxylates that exhibit a medium foam profile and good compatibility with a range of pH levels. For instance Rhodasurf® CST 25 MB which is a solid nonionic surfactant that maintains its solid properties at 20°C, exhibits a high active percentage, and preservative-free.

Consumers expect a positive experience as they clean their home. From differentiation in premium market segments to natural sourcing and aromatherapeutic benefits, innovative products help consumers enjoy their cleaning experience more than ever before. To develop these unique products, formulators must search for multifunctional ingredients that combine premium performance and appealing sensory experiences.

Syensqo offers a broad portfolio of home care specialty chemicals that are designed to enhance end-use consumer experiences. Our ingredients developed from natural sources help formulators stay at the forefront of the latest trends, from home care products inspired by the experiences of personal care products to solutions in new and effective formats. With properties that can incorporate a variety of fragrances, maintain stability, and create premium cleaning solutions, our expertly engineered ingredients develop effortless cleaning formulations with positive consumer experiences.

Syensqo develops our Rhodaterge® BCC as a specialty rheology blend to meet these consumer needs. Designed to function in acidic formulations, such as toilet bowl cleaners, this rheology modifier for home care can incorporate a variety of fragrances for a positive sensory experience without sacrificing solution stability. Syensqo's Jaguar® HSG is an innovative, multifunctional rheology modifier that is ideal for solutions with a high-alcohol content, such as hand sanitizers. This viscosity builder for home care formulations provides additional slip and moisturizing properties in transparent formulations for unique sensory experiences. Additionally, Rheomer® FC NAT, our natural thickener for hard surface cleaners and fabric care products, enables formulators to develop truly innovative cleaning experiences, like cleaning slimes, for hard-to-clean surfaces.

New products help consumers enjoy a convenient and effortless clean in every part of the home. Simplified unit doses with premium ingredients, including capsules and tablets, make a load of laundry or dishes easier than ever before. Formulators are tasked with creating products that combine the ease of pre-measured doses with highly effective ingredients that deliver an impressive clean after the first use.

Syensqo is familiar with the needs of end-use consumers and develops ingredients for formulators with these desires in mind. We create a range of ingredients that are powerful enough to produce an impressive clean after the first use and versatile enough to be used in a variety of different formats that appeal to customers. From shine polymers for dishes to fabric protection polymers, our team of scientists creates the ingredients that formulators need to keep their home care solutions ahead of tomorrow’s trends. 

For fabric care applications, Syensqo offers specialty polymers for laundry that prevent soil redeposition to keep fabrics clean for longer. Repel-O-Tex® Crystal is a liquid soil release polymer that helps prevent stains from the first wash, so clothes are cleaned more easily in future washes. Our Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 is an affordable yet effective ingredient for powder detergents that offers anti-redeposition technology in economical laundry solutions. In surface cleaning environments, Mirapol® Surf N acts as a surface modification polymer for easy cleaning that is formulated to dry quickly and ensure an effective clean. Additionally, our Mirapol® Surf-S P Free Power NP meets formulators’ needs as an advanced shine polymer for dishes that produces spot-free, fast-drying dishwashing solutions in convenient phosphate-free tablets. Syensqo has also developed a new low foaming nonionic for rise aid systems. Antarox® BL 400 allows for overall better cleaning experience by aiding in the prevention of spotting and film on dishware, including plates, glasses and utensils. Antarox® BL 400 can be used for stand alone rinse aids and for automatic dishwashing unit dose products that allow for slow release into the dishwasher rinse cycle. It allows for the development of low temperature rinse aids for sustainable solutions. With Syensqo's portfolio of home care specialty chemicals, formulators can rely on our advanced ingredients that result in a powerful clean every time.