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Syensqo's Superior Home Care Products

Syensqo's broad portfolio of innovative materials for safe, naturally derived home care products is used in a variety of applications including superior dishwashing liquids and detergents, hard-surface formulations for easy cleaning, and effective laundry and fabric care solutions, as well as sustainable ingredients for air care applications.


  • Actizone® Actizone® technology offers unmatched disinfectant cleaner performance by combining best in class cleaning properties, instant fast kill on a broad range of microorganisms and unique 24-hour antimicrobial  performance. Designed to trap antimicrobial actives for long-lasting surface disinfection, Actizone® F5 forms a protective film on surfaces ensuring continuous antimicrobial protection for up to 24 hours.
  • Mirapol® Surf range - Mirapol® Surf offers formulators a broad range of shine and easy cleaning polymers for surface and dish care thanks to its unique hydrophilizing and soil protection technology. Formulators can also rely on our innovative preservative-free ingredients for consistently safe cleaning experiences. 
  • Repel-O-Tex® range - Our best-in-class soil-release polymers, Repel-O-Tex®, boost detergents and wash away tough and oily stains. With powder and liquid grades as well as readily biodegradable features, these polymers are a perfect fit for modern laundry formulations. 
  • Eugenol Synth - A synthetic alternative to eugenol, this high-purity product delivers the same olfactory properties as clove-derived eugenol. Eugenol Synth addresses key demand concerns related to quality and supply to provide a sustainable, commercially available solution for the flavor and fragrance market.