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Solvay launches two new biosurfactants


Advancing Beauty Care Applications

Syensqo’s beauty care solutions provide formulators with a diverse range of complex ingredients that provide biodegradability without compromising performance. Our hair care solutions empower sustainable products and allow to design personalized formulas for shampoos and rinses, conditioners, masks and leave-ins, serums, oils and treatments, and baby formulations. Our innovative skin care and cleansing ingredients also enhance skin products such as facial and body cleansers and lotions, sun care, hand hygiene, baby formulations, solid formats, and sulfate-free cleaners.

Hair Care

With over 40 years of experience delivering premium solutions for hair care products, Syensqo specializes in the effective development of reliable, versatile and high-quality ingredients. We understand consumer demand and market trends and design more sustainable solutions that respect both consumers and the planet, with naturally-derived, COSMOS-validated materials that mitigate our carbon footprint. Discover more. 

Advanced Ingredients for Customized  Hair Care
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Skin Care

Venturing boldly into the skin care market, we aim to diversify our specialty beauty care portfolio. This strategic move is underscored by an unwavering commitment to providing specialty ingredients, ranging from emollients and rheology modifiers to green emulsifiers, texturizing agents and specialty active ingredients designed specifically for skin care. Discover more

Skin Cleansing

Syensqo combines cleansing formulation expertise with the industry’s broadest and most versatile portfolio of ingredients to help manufacturers create products that enhance the well-being of consumers. This array of natural, safe and sustainable ingredients is designed to meet global market demands and product trends. Our solutions for skin cleansing formulations facilitate an array of market-leading cleansers and body washes and more.. Discover more.

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