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The Broadest Range of Sustainable Beauty Care Ingredients

As the industry’s broadest and most versatile portfolio, our beauty care solutions empower manufacturers to innovate hair and skin products that improve the well-being of consumers and reduce our own carbon footprint and that of our customers. 


  • NaternalTM range - Introducing Naternal™, Syensqo’s new range of biodegradable bio-based polymers that naturally cares for everyone. Derived from natural feedstocks, Naternal™ combines the power of nature and science to enable thickening and conditioning benefits in the most advanced beauty products. 
  • Jaguar® Range - A family of naturally-derived polymers for hair and skin care formulations, the Jaguar® Range is a series of guar-based polymers derived from renewable resources. These sustainable products provide beauty care formulators with a full range of conditioning and texturizing features from a bio-based technology aligned with the market expectations.
  • Miracare® OPR 2 - A biodegradable solution for creamy and nourishing hair and skin cleansing products, Miracare® OPR 2 answers the consumer demand for pure, simple and renewable cosmetics. With strong opacifying performance and colorful results, this sulfate-free opacifier offers formulators a versatile solution that can be added at any step of the process. 
  • Polycare® Split Therapy - A naturally-derived and safe active ingredient that repairs split ends in a variety of hair care products, Polycare® Split Therapy answers multiple growing trends in the industry. This efficient, guar-based solution offers instant, long-lasting repair, excellent hair protection, and impressive resilience, as it easily withstands multiple washings, combings and heat exposures. New properties complete the picture of the power of Polycare® Split Therapy. Indeed, it also provides damage protection during bleaching & coloring, as well as anti-fading color benefit. For end users, Polycare® Split Therapy as natural-based functional active offers full reparation across product categories and damage protection during high pH procedures.
  • Dermalcare® LIA MB - With 100% vegetable origin & COSMOS certification, Dermalcare® LIA MB is a biodegradable hair conditioning and skin care ingredient designed to enhance soft hair, offer less build-up and improve the sensory experience. Dermalcare® LIA MB is a universal silicone alternative, for skin care and hair care formulations that provide enhanced sensory benefits, good wetting properties, easy combing and a natural feel.   
  • Geropon® T/77 PC MB - Geropon® T77 PC MB is a luxuriously creamy lather for facial and skin cleanser applications. This ingredient is well-suited for transparent liquid soaps and elegant shampoo formulations.
  • Rheozan® SH - Rheozan® SH is a natural COSMOS-validated rheology modifier for personal care formulations. This high-performing succinoglycan is a polymeric rheology modifier produced by pure fermentation of Agrobacterium Tumefaciens, purified upon recovery and powdered for easy handling and processing.