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Textiles & Sport Equipment


High-Performance Products for Sports Equipment

As a choice partner for sporting goods manufacturers, Syensqo is a leading supplier of high-performance solutions for the most demanding sports equipment. Our portfolio of specialty polymers imparts a variety of critical properties to numerous end-use products and applications. 

  • Ixef® PARA - A polyarylamide with a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, Ixef® PARA is particularly well-suited for sporting goods and applications where impressive visuals are ideal. Ixef® PARA  is an extremely high-flow resin that allows for increasingly complex, innovative, and intricate consumer goods. Its outstanding aesthetics, high strength and durability, and exceptional tensile and flexural properties make it the material of choice for a variety of sports equipment.
  • Omnix® HPPA - As a high-performance polyamide, Omnix® HPPA offers superior strength and stiffness, dimensional stability and processing properties than conventional PA66. Omnix® HPPA is ideal for use in a wide range of sporting goods applications due to its impressive aesthetics, durability, and excellent heat and chemical resistance. This family of polyamides gives OEMs the processing flexibility they need to develop today’s highest functioning sporting equipment.
  • XencorTM LFT - A family of long fiber thermoplastics (LFT), XencorTM compounds are strategically designed for challenging metal replacement opportunities in sporting goods and other textile applications. These specialty thermoplastics offer outstanding stiffness, strength, durability and dimensional stability, as well as streamlined processing advantages. XencorTM LFT also exhibit good impact strength and low creep, and are optimal for applications that require noise and vibration reduction.
  • MTM® - A medium temperature, toughened epoxy system, MTM® displays high damage tolerance and resilience, making it optimal for a variety of sport and leisure consumer goods. This family of specially engineered composites imparts high rigidity and quality surface properties for some of today’s toughest sporting goods and equipment.
  • Polymer Additives - Whatever the application, Syensqo enables rotomolded plastics to be processed more efficiently, perform better and last longer. Our advanced UV stabilizers for rotomolding deliver outstanding UV protection up to UV16 and more, low color out of the mold and discoloration resistance, as well as other benefits.