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Textiles & Sport Equipment


Versatile, Sustainable Solutions for Sporting Goods

With decades as a leading material supplier to the sporting goods manufacturing industry, Syensqo offers a diverse portfolio of  versatile solutions for several applications. Our portfolio of specialty polymers and composites is well-suited for today’s highest-quality sports equipment.

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Sporting Goods and Equipment

Syensqo's materials for sports equipment include a variety of polymer additives,  specialty polymers, and composites that contribute to enhanced performance, reliable safety, exceptional aesthetics, and improved processing. Our high-performance polymers and elastomers help sporting goods OEMs to meet the complex demands of today’s athletes and organizations. This premium range of sports equipment solutions—including Ixef® PARA, Omnix® HPPA, XencorTM LFT, MTM®, and more—equips end-use products with several beneficial properties, including high modulus, outstanding strength and stiffness, and exceptional aesthetics. Our advanced UV stabilizers for rotomolding deliver outstanding UV protection up to UV16 and more, low color out of the mold, and discoloration resistance, as well as other benefits. Discover more.