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Wearables & Emerging Devices

Solutions for Innovation and Beyond

Smart devices are continually getting smarter and playing a more critical role in everyday life. An advanced computer can fit more comfortably in the palm of our hand with smartphones, and electronic devices are now appearing on our wrists and in new forms thanks to wearable and emerging devices. Manufacturers are responding to consumer and industry demands for easy usability, compact convenience and reliable comfort without sacrificing an ounce of performance. 

As an industry leader in specialty materials for smart devices, Syensqo continues to innovate outstanding solutions that enable innovative wearables and emerging devices. Our portfolio of polymers is used in internal electronic and structural applications as well as in wrist bands for wearable devices and many others. Explore our complete portfolio of materials for wearables and emerging devices below.


Discover High-Performing Polymers for Wearable & Emerging Devices

Syensqo features a versatile product portfolio that is designed for the future. Our solutions are implemented successfully in a wide range of smartphones and wearables and can easily be tailored to the next generation of devices. Learn more about the unique properties of our materials, such as Tecnoflon® FKM, Kalix® HPPA, Amodel® PPA, Ixef® PARA and AvaSpire® PAEK, and discover how they can be introduced in sophisticated wearables and emerging devices. 

Achieve Next-Gen Devices and Wearables with Specialty Polymers

The right materials can make the next electrical device innovation a reality. For wearables and emerging devices, optimized polymeric materials enable high-performing watch bands and structural components that exceed consumer expectations. Syensqo provides the ideal polymers for manufacturers and designers to innovate new solutions to complex challenges in wearables and emerging devices.

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