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Smartphones & Personal Computing

High-Performance Solutions for Smartphones and Personal Computers

As consumers demand next-generation Smartphones and personal computers (PCs) with greater radio-frequency (RF) functions and a reduced module size, electronic device OEMs face a diverse set of challenges. These specialized functionalities and miniaturization endeavors require high-performance materials that excel in the unique processing and performance environments within smartphone and PC components. 

Syensqo's versatile portfolio of high-performance solutions for smartphones and PCs is composed of specialty fluoroelastomers, ultra polymers, and sulfone resins, specifically designed for today’s most advanced electronic devices. These specialty polymers impart essential properties such as outstanding permittivity and permeability for a wide range of smartphone and PC components. OEMs continue to rely on the exceptional design flexibility and performance benefits of this broad portfolio for several usages and applications, including structural and cosmetic frames, antenna splits, and plastic-metal hybrid structures. 


Leading Specialty Polymers for Smartphones and PCs

Our industry-leading polymers for smartphones and PCs include a selection of aromatic polymers, ultra polymers and sulfone resins; most notably:  Ixef® PARA , Kalix® HPPA, Amodel® PPA,  Ryton® PPS , AvaSpire® PAEK and Radel® PPSU. This class of high-performance specialty polymers exhibits excellent mechanical, electrical and surface properties, as well as substantial design flexibility to meet the requirements of tomorrow’s smartphones and PCs.

  • Ixef® PARA, Kalix® HPPA, Amodel® PPA and Radel® PPSU are well-suited for structural and cosmetic frames in smartphones and PCs.
  • Ixef® PARA, AvaSpire® PAEK and Ryton® PPS are widely utilized for modern antenna splits in both smartphones and PCs.
  • Additionally, AvaSpire® PAEK, Kalix® HPPA, Ixef® PARA and Ryton® PPS provide OEMs with optimal performance properties for plastic-metal hybrid structures.  

 A Versatile Portfolio for Advanced Smartphone and PC Components 

As smartphones and PCs become progressively more advanced, their structural applications and components must be composed of high-quality materials to facilitate the required performance attributes. Additionally, these specialty solutions must enable OEMs to manufacture smartphone and PC components at a rate that meets both cost and consumer expectations. Syensqo's versatile portfolio of specialty polymers is extremely well-suited for a variety of usages in smartphones and PCs, including in structural and cosmetic frames, antenna splits and plastic-metal hybrid structures.

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