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Close-Up of a Female Electronics Factory Worker in Blue Work Coat Assembling Laptop's Motherboard with a Screwdriver
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Anti-Fingerprint Coatings Keep Screens Pristine 

The increase in touchscreen technologies amplifies the need for anti-fingerprint coatings. Fingerprints are built up with water, oils, sweat, and cosmetics, so coatings manufacturers need to take all of these factors into account when producing products to meet stringent requirements for clean screens.


Anti-Fingerprint Coatings

Anti-fingerprint coating essentially rids the visibility of fingerprints on touchscreen technologies such as smartphones. This coating is a thin layer that does not affect the screen’s usability in any way. Perfluoropolymers contribute to the cleanliness of anti-fingerprint coatings as well as friction, making the coated surface easier to swipe. Syensqo's PFPE solutions offer a variety of advantageous properties for anti-fingerprint coating applications and usages.