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Electrical Circuits

Wire & Cable Components

Wire and Cable Components Solutions

Electronics manufacturers rely on high-performance materials to produce wire and cable products that satisfy the industry’s growing demand for improved insulation and reduced signal loss. Wire and cable components require dielectric materials with excellent mechanical, weatherable property retention to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry. 
Wire and cable applications, such as optical cable, plenum-rated LAN cables, coaxial cables and military cables,  benefit from Syensqo's thermoplastic fluoropolymers. Our broad-ranging portfolio of perfluoropolymer solutions allow for quality and consistency in wire and cable applications, especially fire resistance and electrochemical stability.


High-Performance Polymers for Wire and Cable Components

Syensqo's high-performance perfluoropolymer solutions for wire and cable components are designed for high product quality and consistency in materials where safety is a critical concern. Our materials offer inherent flame-retardancy, resistance to chemicals, dielectric materials and easy processing to allow for exceptional wiring and cable components.  

Versatile Materials that Enhance Wire and Cable Components

Protective coatings, piping materials, insulation and other wire and cable applications enable safety and high-performance in electronics. As the market calls for miniaturization and reliability, it's also essential that these applications take up less space. Our solutions allow for enhanced wire and cable components to improve electronics as a whole.

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