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Detail of the circular connector on the board


Improving Automotive, Electrical & Electronic Connectors 

Increasingly, smart electronics, electric vehicles, and e-mobility demand sophisticated connector technology for a wide range of applications. Calls for accelerated production, elevated safety and lower transmission loss performance necessitate advanced, high-quality connectors to satisfy the expectations of the communication and electric vehicle industries, in particular. In meeting these needs, manufacturers face lacking standardization, high production costs, energy concerns, and regional competition.

Syensqo's proven history of providing materials for electrical, electronic, and automotive manufacturers makes us a leading partner for innovative connector solutions. Our high-performance portfolio helps OEMs manage the challenges of producing high-strength, high-performance connectors.


Future-Proof Connectors with Forward-Thinking Technology

Syensqo's innovative solution, Amodel® PPA, improves electronic connectors to drive the automotive and electronic industries forward. Amodel® PPA serves as an excellent metal replacement that improves stiffness, chemical resistance, high flow properties, exceptional processing and electrical and heat resistance. This family of high-temperature polyamides also includes Amodel® Supreme and Amodel® Bios to offer substantial optimization for a variety of specific needs. 

Producing Superior Connectors

Our sophisticated solutions facilitate the production of connectors that withstand harsh conditions, display high-performance mechanical properties and deliver improved electrical compatibility with resistance to fire and chemicals. Syensqo's connector solutions support low transmission loss in high-speed communication connectors, metal replacement in automotive, enabling electrification and processing growth.

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