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Close-up Macro Shot of Electronic Printed Circuit Board with Microchips


Advancing Electronic Components

Electronic components such as capacitors require increasingly lightweight and miniaturized materials to replace existing metal. Lightweighting and space-saving trends call for high-performance mechanical properties, increased design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. OEMs need high-quality products that perform at exceptional levels.  

Syensqo's polymer replacements enable improved mechanical properties in electronic structural components. Our innovative materials provide manufacturers with products that exhibit excellent flow, low shrinkage, good creep resistance, thermal stability, chemical resistance, resilience for electrical insulation, and low moisture absorption.


Enabling High-Performance Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Electrolytic Capacitors

Ryton® PPS offers exceptional dimensional stability and heat resistance, and Amodel® PPA is known for its high strength and stiffness. KetaSpire® PEEK offers optimal chemical and fatigue resistance, and Fomblin® PFPE is the best choice in protection against aggressive chemical environments and high temperatures.

Enabling new generation of Electrolytic Capacitors

The increasing demand for high-power conversion systems in green energy, industrial applications, and energy storage systems drives the needs for high energy density, extended life, and high-reliability acrylate film capacitors that need high thermal stability structural, and high masking performance materials. Our polymer portfolio provides manufacturers with viable solutions to create the best electrolytic capacitors in the industry.

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