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Syensqo products for Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage Ingredients


Advancing Food and Beverages with Safe and Natural Ingredients

We offer a comprehensive collection of  ingredients for a variety of applications, including nutrition, bakery,  chocolate, baby food, dairy, beverages but also meat and sauces. Discover our product portfolio of Food and Beverage ingredients.  


In the nutrition industry, consumer trends are rapidly evolving towards high-protein, health-conscious products, with a significant push for plant-based alternatives and clean label ingredients resulting in different challenges for nutrition products manufacturers such as balancing taste and health benefits.

Syensqo addresses these challenges with innovative solutions like our natural vanillin Rhovanil® Natural, that can effectively mask the off-notes associated with plant-based proteins, such as pea and soy, enabling manufacturers to create products that are not only healthful but also palatable. It can also boost nutrition products' sweetness effect, without adding more sugar.

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Bakery and Premix

Consumers are driving new global food trends that generate new challenges for Bakery and Premix formulations, such as clean and natural labeling, taste reassurance and the need for functionalities to compensate for sugar taste. Discover Rhovanil® Natural CW, our natural vanillin range that is non-GMO and can be labeled as a natural flavor, according to EU and US regulations. Our natural preservatives and flavors based on rosemary extracts and botanical extracts blends offer an ideal alternative to synthetic additives for your bakery products.

Baby Food

In the evolving baby food market, where natural and cost-effective ingredients are key, parents prefer cleaner, safer labels for their infants' nutrition, prompting a shift in production strategies. 

Syensqo’s Rhovanil® Natural range allows manufacturers to confidently label their products with "natural flavor" according to both EU and US regulations, while offering a cost-effective alternative to vanilla bean extract. Complementing this, Govalto is an optimized, easy-flowing powder, perfect for baby food applications due to its cost-efficiency. These innovative solutions cater to the current demand for high-quality, natural and affordable ingredients in the baby food industry.

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Brownie chocolate

Chocolate & Confectionery

The chocolate and confectionery market faces the challenge of aligning with clean label requirements and sustainability expectations without sacrificing the classic taste experience, of confectioneries, including:

  • Caramels
  • Candies
  • Candied fruits and nuts
  • Chewing gum

Addressing this trend, Syensqo introduces a compelling solution: Rhovanil® Natural range,  natural vanillin solutions derived from non-GMO rice bran. It is an innovative answer to the market's demand for transparency and more natural ingredients. It's designed to not only enhance the flavor of chocolate and confectionery products but also to compensate for taste in sugar-reduced recipes, aligning with the growing consumer demand for healthier options.

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Maintaining food safety and protecting products from contamination, oxidation, and spoilage is key. Our Riza range and customized solutions of 100% non-GMO plant based antioxidants and flavors are perfect natural alternatives to synthetic additives. These products are excellently suited for meat products, both in terms of performance and organoleptic effect. It enhances product shelf life, while preserving the taste and color of the meat (beef, poultry).

Red meat steak
Close-up of bottled dairy products in female hands at grocery store

Dairy Products

The dairy market is evolving, with a growing emphasis on natural, clean-label ingredients. This shift is particularly noticeable in ice creams and yogurts, where consumers prefer natural flavors that align with strict European and US regulations. Dairy manufacturers are now seeking natural flavoring solutions that meet regulatory standards and cater to health-conscious, eco-aware consumers.

Syensqo’s Rhovanil® Natural CW, a non-GMO, natural vanillin, is an optimal ingredient for dairy products, such as ice creams and yogurts. This innovation adheres to stringent European and US flavor regulations, allowing for a "natural flavor" label. Additionally, Rhovanil® Natural CW supports the eco-conscious consumer trend and helps dairy brands deliver delicious, sustainable options while promoting an empathetic, environmentally responsible business model.

Powder Drinks and Beverages

As a leading global provider of vanillin and ethyl-vanillin ingredients, Syensqo has added its expertise to create a portfolio of natural and functional vanillin-based solutions for beverages, such as flavored milk, to enable manufacturers to meet rising consumer demand for clean-label products.

Ideal for powder drinks and beverages, Rhovanil®offers high quality, purity and consistent organoleptic properties. Rhovanil® is renowned for its excellent solubility, mixability, and versatile range of grades, making it a perfect choice for enhancing flavors in beverages with its authentic vanilla taste.

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