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Mid adult female nurse injecting patient for renal dialysis treatment in hospital room
Solutions for Hemodialysis Applications and Processes

High-Performance Materials for Hemodialysis Machine Components

Developing Dependable Machine Parts

Hemodialysis machines contain several critical components that require the use of special materials. Syensqo's Medical Grades exhibit exceptional resistance to cleaning and sterilization, high strength and reliability and outstanding design freedom for OEMs. These performance characteristics make our broad portfolio of products particularly advantageous for a range of applications and components.


Specialty Polymers for More Reliable Applications

  • Door Hinges, Joints and Bag Holders 
    Traditionally manufactured with metals, door hinges, joints and bag holders on hemodialysis machines require strong, durable materials. Ixef® PARA is an optimal polymer for metal replacement in these components, due to its strength, stiffness and chemical resistance. Additionally, Ixef® PARA offers great design flexibility and colorability, while offering lightweight alternatives to metal components. 
  • Pump Window
    Hemodialysis pump windows require materials with excellent transparency, as well as resistance to sanitization and strength. Radel® PPSU delivers best-in-class impact strength, chemical resistance and transparency, which makes it a desirable material for hemodialysis pump windows. 
  • Solenoid Valves
    Due to its extremely high dielectric constant and compatibility with overmolding, Radel® PPSU is a choice for manufacturing housings of solenoid valves. 
  • Heat Exchangers
    Heat exchangers are critical components in hemodialysis, as they help regulate machine and fluid temperatures, which, in turn, mitigates energy costs. Our high-performance specialty polymers, Veradel® PESU, Radel® PPSU and KetaSpire® PEEK provide high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability, well-suited for hemodialysis heat exchangers. 
  • Pump Chamber
    Hemodialysis pump chambers must be able to withstand extensive use, and be compatible with cleaning procedures. Our high-performance sulfone, Veradel® PESU is an ideal material solution for pump chambers, as it displays excellent resistance to disinfectants and sterilization methods as well as extremely high strength and stiffness for long-term use.
  • Connectors
    Radel® PPSU and Udel® PSU are optimal for connectors used in hemodialysis machines, as they provide the sought-after biocompatibility and colorability in addition to outstanding resistance to disinfection and sterilization processes.