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Accelerating the shift to a sustainable future

In order to mitigate climate change, we need to reduce consumption of fossil resources by developing bio-based materials to enable a more circular and sustainable carbon economy. Syensqo's goal is to accelerate technologies associated with the three pillars of circular carbon by promoting the use of renewable carbon at the entry, the development of biotechnologies that are recognized as sustainable to transform it into a final product, and then recycling/reusing it at the end of its life or ensuring it is fully biodegradable. In this way carbon becomes completely circular.  

Renewable carbon

Biomass, CO2, and recycled materials are three sources of renewable carbon that represent a comprehensive carbon management system. Discover more.

Biofuel research process in laboratory, Microalgae Photobioreactor for alternative energy innovation in Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Biotechnology uses living microbes or enzymes to transform feedstocks into valuable molecules to produce more sustainable solutions. Discover more.

End-of-life Management

Products that finish in water solutions such as soaps and shampoos cannot be recycled and therefore need to be fully biodegradable. Discover more.