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Solvent Extraction


Solvent Extraction Reagents for a Wide Range of Metals

As the leading reagent solutions provider for the mining industry, Syensqo offers extractants that improve operational productivity and yield during the extraction of nickel/cobalt, copper, lithium, rare earths, gold, silver and other metals.


Optimal copper extraction requires a robust reagent scheme that will provide maximum metallurgical outcomes. ACORGA® extractants are specifically designed for copper-bearing ores, with a range of grades available to address challenges such as crud formation, nitrating conditions and oxidizing conditions. 



Nickel and cobalt extraction from sulfur-containing ores requires selective reagents. CYANEX® 272 extractants are used to produce a significant percentage of the world’s cobalt, and are employed in the separation of nickel and cobalt from magnesium and manganese. 


Alternative processes to evaporation such as Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) are gaining attention in the production of lithium from brines. Among them, Solvent Extraction is one of the most promising technologies. CYANEX® - 936P is an extractant specially formulated for lithium solvent extraction, highly efficient in meeting the growing demand for this critical metal. Learn more about our lithium offer.


Rare Earths

Syensqo is an active participant in the rare earth market, particularly in the separation of heavy rare earths. CYANEX® 572 improves the traditional profiles of extractants used for rare earths and allows for efficient stripping operations with lower acid concentrations.  


The addition of peroxide assists with providing dissolved oxygen to typical leaching systems, leading to faster reaction kinetics. Pre-oxidation of the ore with hydrogen peroxide, INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide, reduces cyanide consumption to boost gold recovery.


Other Metals

In addition to offering extractants for the recovery of metals such as copper, Syensqo's hydrogen peroxide, INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide, supports the leaching process to enable the extraction of other metals such as uranium and nickel. 


Syensqo's hydrogen peroxide, INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide, is used in silver leaching processes to enhance overall leach recovery and optimize cyanide consumption.