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Advanced Oil and Gas Components

Manufacturers in the energy industry place their trust in Syensqo' to deliver state-of-the-art specialty polymer solutions to maximize the reliability, cost-efficiency and overall performance of oil and gas equipment components. Therefore, our solutions are designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs associated with the production of components such as gas compressor plates, valve seats, backup rings and electrical connectors. 

Gas Compressors & Components

Oil and gas compressors play a vital role in transporting gas through demanding amounts of pressure. KetaSpire® PEEK is often recommended as a metal replacement option for compressor plates and poppets due to the polymer's exceptional chemical and wear resistance, which significantly contributes to reduced maintenance downtime. Polymers for valve plates in gas compressors must also possess excellent strength to support gas compressors and poppet integrity. When designing materials for sealing and valve applications, manufacturers trust Ryton® PPS for its enhanced fatigue resistance under continuous stress.


Sealing Solutions

O-rings and gaskets for oil and gas allow for dynamic, elastic movement in sealing applications. Syensqo supplies elastomers for O-rings, such as Tecnoflon® FKM for static and dynamic ring applications, and backup rings to prevent extrusion of the gasket using KetaSpire® PEEK, for example, due to its exceptional thermomechanical stability.