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Addikleen™ Range

Addikleen™ T4 KD

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

Low-temperature metal cleaning, a way to reduce energy and water consumption

Lowering cleaning temperature brings energy and cost savings. However, it is well known that higher temperature cleaning is more efficient. Moreover, when oil has aged before the cleaning and surface preparation step, it becomes more difficult to remove.
Addikleen™ is a range of cleaning ingredients that generate low foam and provide excellent degreasing behavior.

Addikleen™ T4 KD has been specifically developed for low-temperature cleaning and the cleaning of aged oil. 



  • Low foam for 45°C degreasing
  • Excellent degreaser for aged oil
  • Efficient on multi-oil and multi-substrate
  • Defoamer savings
  • Silicone-free, NPE-free
  • Compliant to European detergency regulations

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Addikleen™ T4 KD, an excellent cleaning ingredient for aged oil even at a lower temperature

More than 95% of oil is removed in less than 4 minutes in 95% of tested cases. 


Immersion cleaning time (min) required to reach <5% dewetting with aged oils

Solvay Addikleen™ T4 KD - Immersion cleaning efficacity


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The performance of Addikleen™ T4 KD has been proven on numerous types of metal surfaces, aluminum, mild steel and galvanized steel and for several types of oils. 
This makes Addikleen™ T4 KD suitable for all cleaning including car body cleaning. 

Excellent low foam profile for immersion (dip) cleaning

Cleaning at low temperature is challenging not only for degreasing performance but also in terms of foam level. 
Even in the presence of oil, a cleaner containing Addikleen™ T4 KD, demonstrates excellent foam behavior. 


  • Testing conditions: Foam

Solvay Addikleen™ T4 KD - Testing Conditions with foam


Evolution of foam volume over time

Solvay Addikleen™ T4 KD - Evolution of foam volume



Initial foam volume is low and reduces over time to reach a similar level to foam volume generated by a cleaner containing a silicone defoamer. 
The low foam level of Addikleen™ T4 KD makes it particularly suitable for low-temperature dip cleaning and allows a reduced usage of defoamer. 



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