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Addikleen™ Range

Addikleen™ T6 KS

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

Increase of Productivity Leads to Higher Expectation on Foam Level

The cost reduction pressure leads manufacturers to reinvent themselves, higher productivity, higher performance, and lower cost. This translated into reviewing process lines of painted metal objects, from operational conditions to equipment or even chemical used. Spray tunnels have been growing in popularity as they allowed to increase the productivity of treated and painted pieces while reducing occupied floor space and maintenance amongst other benefits. When it comes to cleaning, compared to dipping tanks, spray tunnels require even more foam control especially during cleaning steps that involve chemicals such as surfactants who have a natural tendency to generate foam.


Addikleen™ T6 KS: An Excellent Low Foam Cleaning Ingredient For Spray Cleaning

Defoamers have been extensively used to reduce foam levels, silicone-based defoamer that are popular for other applications can however leave residues after rinsing. This may have a dramatic negative effect on the subsequent coating. 

Another benefit of spray cleaning lies in the mechanical force brought by pressure to remove dirt and soil. Despite this, cleaners still need to provide degreasing power. Addikleen™ T6 KS has been specifically designed to answer the challenges of spray cleaning. 

Features and benefits :

  • Low foam
  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Anti-redeposition
  • Good wetting
  • Good dispersing properties
  • Suitable for high alkaline levels

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Excellent Low Foam Profile

Addikleen™ T6 KS, is specifically designed to generate low foam for spray cleaning conditions up to 2 bars.
Addikleen T6 KS - extreme low foam profile
Within one minute the foam totally collapsed. 


Very Good Cleaning Properties

In order to bring solid benefits, low foam surfactants should also significantly contribute to cleaning/degreasing performance. 

Addikleen™ T6 KS, provides excellent cleaning to 1 pack systems, even compared to existing commercial low foam cleaners.

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Addikleen T6 KS excellent cleaning

Contact our team for more information on the performance of Addikleen™ T6 KS in other conditions (foam level with oil, other cleaning conditions, etc.).