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Addikleen™ Range

Webinar - Solutions to effectively reduce temperature of multi-metal cleaning

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

Which ingredient to choose to lower temperature of cleaning formulation ?

The webinar was recorded on June 20, 2023 as part of Solvay Group.

Resources preservation and energy savings remain crucial in the current environmental and economic context. As the metal-treatment industry attempts to uphold performance while reducing its environmental footprint, industrial formulators require highly innovative additives for low-temperature, multi-metal cleaning processes. Consumer applications, such as laundry, transitioned to low cleaning temperatures long ago.

However, for industrial applications, although highly impactful, this transition presents a variety of complex challenges, as lowering cleaning temperature significantly impacts efficiency and operations, especially when it comes to foam. In this webinar, our technical experts introduce our high-performance range of materials—specifically, Addikleen™ T4 KD and KS— designed to strengthen low-temperature, multi-metal cleaning formulations. This special webinar event will cover several key topics, including: 

  • the impact of reducing cleaning temperature -
  • solutions for low-temperature cleaning based on target temperature and application method (immersion, spray) 
  • case studies, including pilot line trial results

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