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Addikleen™ Range

Addikleen™ HK 30

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

A low foam P-free hydrotrope for high alkalinity

In response to the growing demand for reducing Phosphorous levels in waste waters, Syensqo has developed a range of P-free hydrotropes that allows formulators to offer stable one-pack cleaners with high alkali content and provide additional benefits. 


Features and benefits

  • Phosphorous-free
  • Aromatics free
  • Low foam
  • Compatible with high alkalinity (up to 30% NaOH)
  • Good wetting agent
  • Excellent hydrotrope of branched alcohols
  • Easy to use (no strong stirring, no heating)

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Addikleen™ HK30 is compatible with high alkali content for concentrates

Increasing cleaner active content is key to reduce the transportation and environmental footprint. While helping to increase the cleaner’s efficiency, a high dosage of builder or nonionic surfactant may turn the cleaning solution cloudy. In addition, the trend to reduce cleaning temperature can also induce loss of solubility of existing cleaning formulations. 

Introducing a hydrotrope will usually increase cloud point and solution clarity. Addikleen™ HK30 allows formulators to develop high alkali content cleaners with up to 30%wt in KOH or NaOH, and is compatible with a range of builders and salts.

Contact our experts for details on additional builders.


Compatibility test

Addikleen™ HK30 - Compatibility test

While producing clear, high content concentrate is key, it is important to note that introducing a hydrotrope does not make the production more complex. Addikleen™ HK30 can be introduced without heating or strong stirring. 

Addikleen™ HK 30, hydrotrope with extra benefits

Addikleen™ HK30 - Improved surface tension



Improved Wetting properties

Addikleen™ HK 30 displays low surface tension and can contribute to better wetting and improved cleaning.

The test illustration on the left shows Dynamic Surface tension @ 60s. 

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Low foam hydrotrope tackles current challenges in the metal processing industry

Increase in productivity leads to higher expectations for reducing the foam generated by cleaning systems. 
Addikleen™ HK30 has a foam level that is lower than that of the conventional and best seller RhodafacⓇ H66, making it more suitable to meet new requirements.


Comparison between Addikleen™ HK30 and RhodafacⓇ H66

Addikleen™ HK30 - Addikleen vs Rhodafac