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Addikleen™ Range

Addikleen™ T4 KS

Metal cleaning additives to tackle your cleaning challenges

Addikleen™ T4 KS: An Excellent Low Foam Cleaning Ingredient For Spray Cleaning

As the industry and public pressure manufacturers to increase productivity and environmental footprint, one solution amongst many others is to operate spray cleaning at lower temperatures. For formulators, this comes as a double challenge as spray cleaning and low-temperature degreasing bath will both increase foam level, which is undesirable. 

Addikleen™ T4 KS is an excellent low foam cleaning ingredient specifically designed for spray cleaning at lower temperatures. 

Features and benefits:

  • Low foam
  • Suitable for high alkaline levels
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • P-free, APE-free, Silicone-free
  • Readily biodegradable

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Excellent Low Foam Profile

Addikleen™ T4 KS intrinsically generates extremely low foam, when added in a cleaner. The foam level can be even lower than a cleaner containing silicone defoamer.

Addikleen T4 KS - foam as low as with silicone defoamer - option 1

Request a sample of Addikleen™ T4 KS


Accelerated Cleaning

While generating low foam is essential, Addikleen™ T4 KS significantly contributes to improved cleaning speed, in a spray system that provides mechanical forces to remove soil. 

Chart low foam Addikleen T4 KS decreases cleaning time

Our optimized surfactant ingredient can reduce in some cases 20% in cleaning time of Rust Preventive Oils and up to 50% reduction for other types of metalworking fluids. 

Contact our team for data on more types of oils.