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Low temperate cure paste adhesives
Structural Adhesives & Surfacing

Why choose Syensqo?

Syensqo technologies, benchmark for the Aerospace industry

A market leader for 30 years

Syensqo’s legacy and proven expertise make us a market leading supplier of technologies that are considered a benchmark in the market. Our products are qualified by all major OEMs for use on commercial and defense aircraft programs and are proven to perform in demanding applications. Our teams are proficient with the certification and qualification process and work hand in hand with customers throughout the process.

Innovation is our core value

Our product development teams focus on developing breakthrough technologies that revolutionize the way adhesive and surfacing products are used; as well as developing specific technical solutions to support our customers on their innovation roadmap. 


Our adhesive and surfacing portfolio is at the heart of our business strategy


And that is why we are investing in our supply chain and product portfolio, to bring best in class technologies to the market. 

we develop performing and sustainable adhesive and surfacing solutions

Our focus is very much on developing sustainable solutions that perform as well if not better than the legacy products currently on the market. High performance non-chromated primers have been a big focus of our R&D effort and our latest product - BR 179 - is a prime example of breakthrough innovation, where a truly sustainable solution for adhesive bonding provides corrosion resistance comparable to benchmark chromated primers with enhanced bonding performance.

Our products enable manufacturing flexibility

Our full portfolio of adhesives, surfacing films and primers are available in a variety of product forms to enable manufacturing flexibility. Our knowledgeable customer engineering technical group and our account managers provide exceptional support to help customers develop solutions for their rigorous adhesive and surfacing applications.