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Low temperate cure paste adhesives
Structural Adhesives & Surfacing

Our portfolio for aerospace

Our adhesives and surfacing portfolio provides solutions to a wide range of challenges faced by the industry and offer Higher efficiency, reduced manufacturing cost and optimized processes.


  • Comp-Materials-Tech-Joining
    One and two-part paste adhesives with cure temperatures < 200°F (< 93°C)
  • Room temperature cure paste with properties of 250°F (121°C) film adhesive
  • Designed for automation and rapid assembly
  • Flexible processing and cure conditions
  • Composite and metal bonding


  • Solvay-lightningstrike film-aerospace market
    Provides high quality, smooth surface requiring minimum surface preparation for painting
  • Eliminates typical surface porosity and imperfections
  • Available in automated tape laying (ATL) configurations
  • Broad range of metallized/shielding options for lightning strike protection and EME shielding
  • Multifunctional options to reduce costs and improve manufacturing rate

Discover SurfaceMaster®

  • Solvay-Adhesive film-aerospace-market
    Exceptional performance – high peel/strength
  • Cure temperature between 250°F and 350°F (121°C and 177°C)
  • Excellent retention of hot/wet properties
  • Designed for autoclave and out-of-autoclave bonding of composite and metal structures
  • Excellent handling and long shop life
  • Enable assembly and bonding of large structures

Discover FM® & Meltbond

  • Fuseply composite surface preparation
    Available in peel ply form for prepreg layups
  • Provides chemical bonding of pre-cured composites
  • Enables the potential to reduce or remove fasteners

Discover Fuseply

  • Solvay BR 179 spray aerospace
    Exceptional resistance to bondline corrosion
  • Structural performance from -67°F to 350°F
  • Protects prepared surfaces from further oxidation
  • Compatible with wide variety of epoxy-based adhesives

Discover BR®


  • Solvay-Honeycomb-aerospace
    Can be co-cured with advanced composite materials
  • Low density for lightweighting
  • Ability to provide FST properties
  • Suitable for automation
  • High compressive strength
  • No slump during cure
  • Controlled expansion upon application and high shear strength
  • Open and closed cell foam structure

Discover CYCOM® & FM® 

  • Solvay-Liquid Shim-aerospace industry
    Multiple two part liquid shim products available specific to customer requirements
  • Fast room temperature cure 
  • Cures to drilling and fastening strength in less than 5 hours
  • Ideal for gap filling applications
  • High Strength and Compression Properties
  • Excellent chemical and environmental resistance
  • Low Slump

  • One part and two part pastes commonly used as a coating, sealant or filleting material in the construction, repair and  maintenance of all types of aircraft 
  • Fast room temperature cure 
  • Excellent fire resistance up to 3500°F
  • Good resistance to aerospace chemicals

Discover Dapco®