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A Comprehensive Portfolio of Coatings Solutions 

 Syensqo’s advanced coatings products provide formulations with improved stability, extend the service life of plastics, work as primers and color enhancers and protect automotive coating applications. Our coatings materials enable vehicle coatings to effectively withstand harsh environmental exposure like intense UV light, heat, and more. 

  • Aerosol® - Aerosol® products are highly efficient emulsifiers. They offer impressive mechanical and electrolytic stability, reduced surface tension, greater flow and leveling properties, and fewer defects in coatings. They work as dispersants, pigment, and substrate wetting agents and function at low concentrations. 
  • Addibond™ - Addibond™ solutions exhibit a proven ability to reduce toxicity, ecotoxicity, resource consumption, waste and sludge production in modern automotive coatings. Distinguished with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, this unique range of polymers improves adhesive bonding and paint adhesion, demonstrating outstanding strength and resistance properties. 
  • CYANOX® - CYANOX® antioxidants extend the service life of coatings under high or moderate temperature conditions and improve the weatherability of UV-stabilized systems. With their outstanding resistance to extraction and discoloration, they help with damage caused by light, heat, acids, and similar factors.
  • CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® - CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® work as UV stabilizers and offer exceptional UV durability despite significant exposure. They offer coating protection, superior color, gloss, and other enhanced physical properties to improve the long-term performance of coatings formulations.
  • Rhodoline® - The Rhodoline® range of specialty additives enhance stability in a wide range of coatings. Its other benefits include anti-foam, wetting, pigment dispersion, freeze-thaw control, stabilization, improved color strength, color acceptance and functional enhancement.   
  • Diofan® - Diofan® PVDC based anticorrosive coating formulations enable cost-efficient, reliable protection for automotive underbody and part coatings. It offers good adhesion, is APEO and VOC-free, has high solid content to enable wide formulation space, and offers low water pickup to withstand the harshest conditions. 
  • Sipomer® - Sipomer® PAM monomers provide excellent adhesion to a variety of metals, glass, and inorganic materials. Sipomer® IBOA and IBOMA monomers improve abrasion, water and chemical resistance in UV, high solids and solvent borne industrial coatings.