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Sipomer® IBOA, IBOMA

Reactive Diluents

Designed for UV curing applications and conventional coating applications.

Sipomer® IBOA, isoborylacylate monomer, improves abrasion, water and chemical resistance. It is particularly useful in the applications for polyacrylic polyols, reactive diluent for radiation curable oligomers, coatings and inks.

Sipomer® IBOMA, isobornyl methacrylate, is a high Tg, hydrophobic monomer improving abrasion, water and chemical resistance. It is recommended for high solids and solventborne industrial coatings.



  1. Improves toughness, chemical and abrasion resistance
  2. Reactive Diluent
  3. Excellent viscosity reduction
  4. UV curable
  5. Excellent film hardness
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