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48V Belt Starter Generator


Innovative Solutions or 48V Belt-Starter Generator Usages

The e-mobility market requires efficient materials to meet both market trends and consumer demands. Syensqo’s offerings for 48V belt starter-generators provide unique benefits for a variety of crucial usages and applications.


Inverter Components

Inverter components, such as power brackets, capacitor modules, and signal sensors, go through harsh environments during processing and usage. Therefore, electric vehicles require Halogen-free inverter components with high heat resistance and great stiffness. Syensqo’s Ryton® PPS, Amodel® Supreme PPA, KetaSpire® PEEK, and Xydar® LCP offer a selection of polymers equipped with excellent dimensional stiffness as well as resistance to multiple harsh processing and environmental conditions. 

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Structural Components

Belt side, intermediate, and power electric housings are key structural components in 48V belt starter-generators. Under stressful environments, structural components benefit from Syensqo’s industry-proven brands—such as Amodel® Supreme PPA, Omnix® HPPA, and XencorTM Long Fiber Thermoplastics— as they provide stiffness, high heat resistance, and thermal conductivity. 


Pulleys and Axles

Belt starter-generators require pulley and axle components like ball and needle bearings to withstand friction and wear. Additionally, peak lubrication is an important aspect to keep all parts functional. Syensqo’s solutions, such as Ryton® PPS, KetaSpire® PEEK, Torlon® PAI, and Fomblin® PFPE, enhance the lifetime lubrication of components and provide other key enhancements such as weight savings, friction, wear, noise and vibration reduction.


Magnet Wires

From pollution concerns and scrap ratio to tricky shape profiles, manufacturers recognize that conventional enamel solutions no longer address the problems or standards of the e-mobility market. Syensqo’s breakthrough solution, KetaSpire® PEEK Extrusion, empowers manufacturers to produce magnet wires with excellent dielectric strength, thermal endurance, chemical and extreme abrasion resistance.

Slot Liners

Slot Liners are typically produced with laminated paper and display thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and dust production issues. Syensqo’s materials, AjediumTM PEEK Film and Xydar® LCP, enhance slot liners to have higher dielectric strength at elevated temperatures, thermal endurance, thermal conductivity, varnish impregnation and chemical resistance.