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EV Charging Station

Addressing the Major Challenges for EV Chargers

Electric vehicles define the future of sustainability in the automotive industry. Therefore, the electric vehicle market demands supporting charging infrastructure across power classes and global regions. EV charging stations, also known as EVSE, supply electrical power for charging plug-in electric vehicles and present major efficiency and reliability concerns. From heat generation and insulation issues to maintenance and cost reduction, the need for materials with optimized resistance and mechanical properties increases as electric vehicles become mainstream. 

The industry requires technological advances that enable faster charging speeds, reliability, and durability. Syensqo defines trends in the EV charger markets due to its portfolio of high-performance technologies that enable critical properties, such as electrical insulation, thermal dissipation for enhanced user safety, and more. 

Maximizing Electric Vehicle Charger Efficiency with Syensqo Materials

When it comes to preserving the efficiency, dependability and lifespan of an EV charging station, manufacturers benefit from Syensqo’s materials for excellent performance. Our offering to manufacturers features trusted brands, including Amodel® PPA, Amodel® Supreme, Radel® PPSU, Amodel® Bios PPA, Omnix® HPPA, Veradel®PESU and Ryton®PPS.

Advanced Materials for EV Charger Applications

Material selection for the components found in chargers plays an essential role in the efficiency of charging stations. Syensqo’s portfolio of materials for EV chargers features solutions that display outstanding mechanical and electrical properties that can extend the life of charging stations and grant manufacturers the utmost design freedom. Our materials thrive in critical usages, including charging plugs, inner power electronics, and thermal management systems.

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